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Buying your first food processor

Robot CoupeIt’s a given fact that any professional catering service requires kitchen equipment such as food processors, dough mixers, electric grills etc. But imagine preparing 2,000 plus servings in less than 3 hours. Preparing for such a service can be immensely stressful for the entire kitchen team. Using a quality food processor from companies such as Robot Coupe has incredible advantages and can make remarkable contribution to the pre service preparations. As a matter of fact, it can revolutionize your commercial kitchen.

But the first step to buying these products is to know their features. Here are a few functions to lookout in food processors before you decide to buy them:

1.Slicing and chopping of vegetables
2.Grinding of food items such as nuts and seeds
3.Shredding or grating of cheese and vegetables
4.Pureeing tomatoes and carrots
5.Kneading dough for breads and pastry base

Now, instead of buying a different processor for each function, you can buy the Robot Coupe commercial food processor. The Robot Coupe commercial food processor performs a host of culinary feats. Just like other food processors, it is designed for high speed and quality vegetable processing.

Once you have your first food processor in your professional kitchen, there is no looking back. You can utilize it and integrate its different features to make your recipes quicker, save time, increase your team’s productivity and reduce the physical strain and stress of preparations, thereby leaving you all charged up to serve your final customer.
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